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Noodles/Pole Combo

Noodles/Pole Combo
1 Pole/ 9 noodles.
Max 2 per order.
(Temporarily Sold Out)
Best Deal


Jug Pole only

Jug Pole only
100 % fiberglass.10 feet long.Medium action.
(Temporarily Sold Out)

Noodles Only

Noodles Only: Length: approx 8 in.
Diameter: approx 2 1/4, Red,Group of 10
Max 5 sets per order.
Note: line/hook not included, unless special ordered.


Yellow Tape

Yellow Reflective Tape - 3/4" x 10 ft.
Sold with Combo or Noodle Set only


Red Tape

Red Reflective Tape - 1/8" x 10 ft.
Sold with Combo or Noodle Set only


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