The all new JUG (NOODLE) FISHING POLE will allow families to experience the new and improved way to jug fishing. It offers the convenience and fun of pulling in a jug or noodle. If you like the action of pulling in a fish with any kind of pole, you will enjoy the jug pole. I've been using a pole for over 20 years and finally decided its time to put a 10 ft. medium action pole on the market. As you can see on my home page videos the jug pole offers fun for all ages.
Jug fishing has been going on for years, and there are many different kind of jugs or noodles out there, and different ways of picking them up.As you can see on my home page videos, it is simple. Just reach the pole out grab the line with the hook on the pole and hang on for some exciting action. The pole was NOT designed for trophy cat fishing, but was designed to catch the average size catfish.Also I designed a noodle that works great with the jug pole.

This light weight noodle offers a lot of action and sticks up when a fish is on it. The pole works great with lines from 5 feet to 13 feet long. I prefer 6 ft. and 12 ft. lines,. #2 eagle claw kahle hook, #4 removable split shot and 25 lb. test fishing line. Of course everybody has their own preference. Always use a net to land your fish, because the fish can come off the hook and it is better for the pole. Never pull straight out with the pole if the jug is hung up, because it could damage the tip. Just remember that the pole will float if you grab a jug that is hung. So get started having family fun by enjoying jug fishing using " LARRY'S JUG (NOODLE) FISHING POLE AND NOODLES"!

Always check your local Game and Fish wildlife regulations for jug fishing.

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