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Noodles/Pole Combo
This combo includes 1 JUG (NOODLE) FISHING POLE and 9 noodles. Maximum 2 combos per order please.
Best Deal
Jug Pole only
YES, this is the first JUG (NOODLE) FISHING POLE on the market, which gives all ages the opportunity to jug fish. This pole is 100 % fiberglass with reinforced joints, 10 feet long, 13 inch foam handle for comfort and room for both hands,telescopic 4 sections, medium action, with a special designed hook on the end. The yellow hook is very visible for use in the daylight and night hours with light. Pole designed for one hook per noodle. Maximum 5 poles per order please
Noodles Only
length approx. 8 inches, approx. 2 1/4 inch in diameter with a barrel swivel attached to tie your desired line to, and red in color. This noodle action can excite all ages. Note: line and hook not included, unless special ordered. Noodles come is groups of 10. Maximum 5 sets of noodles per order please. Quantity of 1=10 noodles Quantity of 2=20 noodles etc.
Yellow Reflective Tape
Yellow reflective tape 3/4" x 10 ft., sold with Combo or Noodle Set only
Red Reflective Tape
Red reflective tape 1/8" x 10 ft., sold with Combo or Noodle Set only
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